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For home and closed office use.

It’s best to have the right size unit for the room you’re cooling  or heating. Cooling or heating a room with a unit that’s too small will over work the compressor, shortening the life of your Air Conditioner. Using a unit that it too big would be wasteful.

Which size is best for you needs. 

9000 btu - ± 16m² 
12000 btu - ± 24m²
18000 btu - ± 36m²
24000 btu - ± 44m²
30000 btu - ± 60m²


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Infinity Midwall split system


9,000btu Non-inverter

Only R5,295

Infinity Elite

12,000btu Non-inverter


Only R5,495



18,000btu Non-inverter


Only R8,495



24,000btu Non-inverter


Only R10,495

32,000btu Non-inverter

Only R14,495


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Infinity Midwall Inverter split system



9,000btu Inverter


Only R6,695
 Infinity Elite


12,000btu Inverter


Only R7,495


18,000btu Inverter


Only R11,995


24,000btu Inverter


Only R14,495



 Aircon Special Prices available in Online Shop

Samsung Midwall split systems from R8,295*




LG Midwall split systems from R10,495*

LG indoor wall-mounted



Infinity Midwall split systems from R5,295* 

Infinity Elite 


 Alliance Air Midwall split systems from R6,495*

Alliance Atlantic


All pricing includes VAT and delivery in Johannesburg. Excludes installation.





Air Conditioners for Sale in our Online Shop

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